Friday, September 21, 2012

Damascus, VA

Leo and I made into Damascus yesterday, just north of the VA/TN border.  Virginia has been an awesome section.  We had an epic day in the highlands on Wednesday that offered great views and close encounters with feral ponies. That night we saw the sunset from Buzzard Rock and caught a glimpse of the peaks to come in TN/NC.  We're really excited to keep moving into foreign territory and enjoy the last 500 miles.  We've been doing low 20's on full days and shorter days out of town.  Legs are feeling good but the days are getting shorter, and the nights colder.  The trees have started to show color and there's a blanket of leaves starting to cover the trail (and less people to clear them). We finally got to catch up with Duda, Lance, and Phil yesterday, so we may be seeing them this next section.  Major changes for Leo who mailed his boots home after picking up his first ever pair of trail-runners for cheap in town today.  I also got to touch base with my Uncle Tom who just got back from a motorcycle ride, and looks like we'll be able to meet up later next week in North Carolina! I know it has been awhile since we last updated, but we've been stuck on the trail rather than in towns.  I have some great pictures from the Grayson Highlands but unfortunately they'll have to wait til I'm not in a public library.  OK its onto Tennessee - 3 states left, 466 miles!

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