Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey sorry its been a while since we last checked in.

We officially took our first Zero on the 28th of June due to the weather conditions on top of Madison. We got in to the Whites after leaving Gorham. We have had a little bad luck lately and it seemed to have started when we had to blue blaze down in to Gorham to catch the post office (that didnt have our package!).

We our currently at Ben and Lt Dangle's summer camp Tohkomeupog where we've resupplied and gotten some crucial rest. We met a ton of awesome people up here. Even got some staff bball going.

The plan is to get back up on the presidential range tomorrow and ideally, weather permitting get over Washington and reach lakes of the clouds

Gotta run but just so you guys have an idea of what it was like on Madison I'm uploading a video. Who knew that while most of you are enjoying the nice summer weather, rain, 60 to 70 mph winds and 40 degree weather is prevalent elsewhere in the world.

Note this is at Madison hut - .4 miles from the peak which was even worse

-Jeepers Crow

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