Friday, June 15, 2012

Stratton, ME

Quick update from the iPhone while we're in Stratton. There's no computer so unfortunately we cant upload pictures from our cameras. We did six days and five nights from Monson, taking it slower and enjoying the weather. A few highlights were swimming in East Carry Pond, and Ian's first freshwater fish catch. He caught a few Perch one morning before we all woke up. The last two days we spent going over the Bigelow range, and we were able to meet Jake (aka Achilles) on top of Avery peak, and spent the night camped on a saddle up at 3800'. This morning we ran up the West Peak to catch the sunrise just before 5am. The views were stunning as the sun lit up the entire valley. We parted ways with Jake and got into Stratton this morning. The hostel owner Sue was nice enough to pick us up from the trail and lend us her old jeep to run errands all day in town which was really convenient. We got mail, resupplied on food, and of course loaded on calories. When Ian and Leo weighed themselves this morning they had lost over 10 lbs since starting, but by tonight we had each gained back at least 7 pounds. Tomorrow well hit that trail early and bag a couple more 4000 footers with the Crockers. Hopefully 4 nights in the next section to Andover, then it's on to New Hampshire.

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