Tuesday, August 21, 2012

48 Miles, 4 States, 1 Day

Ben understated his accomplishment and overstated his exhaustion in his last post. He woke up somewhere around 3 in the morning and hiked into the darkness towards Harpers Ferry, WV, which was 3 states and 45 miles away. Not a typical morning for most people. He was "feeling good" entering West Virginia on mile 45 and decided to turn the 3-state challenge into a 4-state challenge by going an extra 3 miles to the Virginia border and his 4th state of the day. This map shows the ridiculous ground he covered in one day, visible from space...

And a close up of the last few miles into (and then out of) Harpers Ferry up to the VA border...

We met him right after he finished and he looked fine for someone who had hiked just shy of two marathons in one day with a pack on.

Beers and nectarines to celebrate
Recovery day in Harpers Ferry

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  1. Awesome, Congrats guys! Welcome to the 4-State Challenge Club!! Glad to hear you both are still charging along.