Thursday, August 16, 2012

Almost Half Way...

I spoke with Ben when he was in Duncannon, PA about 1,040 miles from Katahdin, ME. He and Leo are still going strong and have or will be hitting a few big milestones before their next stop, including:

  • 1,000 miles from Katahdin!
  • Reaching the official half-way point of the AT (1,090 miles somewhere near Pine Grove Furnace State Park, PA)
  • Reaching the psychological halfway point at Harpers Ferry, WV! (1,170 trail miles from Katahdin)

They will enter the southern section of the AT at the Maryland-PA border, AKA the Mason-Dixon line, and then have roughly 40 miles to Harpers Ferry, WV. This section of trail presents a rare opportunity to hike in three different states in one day by camping at the Mason-Dixon line within PA then hiking the entire 40-mile MD section before crossing the Potomac River and into WV, ending the day at Harpers Ferry. This is called the Maryland Challenge and there is word Ben and Leo may be attempting this feat.

Immediately after Harpers Ferry they start the Virginia AT section and at around 540 miles it's the longest stretch of trail in one state. Depending on their pace they may catch fall colors or hot summer weather through VA.

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