Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glencliff, NH

Hello everyone! I can't stay long since we're tryna hit the trail (its 5:45am here) and get to Hanover, NH which is the last town before Vermont.  Last night we got to Warren, NH which is more like a gas station,  and planned on resupplying then hopping back on trail the same day.  We waved down cars with an American flag bandana for awhile before we scored a hitch.  But yeah we had hoped the 4th of July would bring some celebration but Warren, NH couldn't really handle us.  Still got a little whisky, but unfortunately its "Canadian Club".  This huge thunderstorm came through bearing quarter sized hailstones and crazy wind gusts and basically destroyed this little town and knocked down some power lines.  The gas station lost power and we hunkered down awhile there until the storm passed.  We hitched a ride with a guy and made it to a nearby hostel in Glencliff where there are probably 8 northbounders hanging out here.  We exchanged stories and trail tips last night and met a couple pretty cool hikers. Luckily the power came on this morning so we could charge our electronics a little bit and have hot coffee. We're hittin the trail hard ASAP and pushing two 22 mile days to get to Hanover, NH where our camp friend Rob Cooper's family is putting us up for the night.  Ian has also had plenty of opportunity to practice his french.  There were a ton of French-Canadians in the Whites who usually flip out once they hear Ian can speak fluently.  We've gotten our pictures awkwardly taken for that reason a couple times.  OK well we gotta roll on but the plan is to get to Hanover on Friday night.  I'm hoping there will be good internet there and such, because I have yet to upload a singe photo from my camera.  I have a bunch of great pictures going all the way back to Katahdin so hopefully they will be up in the near future.  Until then, our job is hiking.

- Ben  AKA "Coonskin"


  1. It was nice to meet you guys. Good luck on your hike. HYOH! Check out my blog

  2. leo ben ian shalom, dad & uncle dave are planning on heading on up to vermont to catch up with youguys & seeing how all is going .help you in any way you might need. give him a ring as soon as you get a chance,as you know dad needs time to plan.looking forward to seeing more picturesof you all , love love love mom.

  3. The White Mountains didn't stand a chance. Keep it moving!!