Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Barrington, MA

Last Friday the three of us made it into Great Barrington, MA (mile 668) and met up with Leo's older brother Evan and my grandfather.  Unfortunately the time has come for Ian to return to real life, so sadly he headed back to Boston with Leo and flew back home last night.  Leo and I will try our best to stay on top of the blog from here on out, although now the lack of smartphone may limit our accessibility (we both have ancient flip phones). 

Leo chilled in his hometown of Lowell while I took a couple zeroes at my Pop-Pop's house in CT.  Coincidentally this weekend was also the Grey Fox Bluegrass festival so I was able to sneak up to the Catskills on Saturday and enjoy some great live music and camp out there for a night.  I met up with Sam and the crew at Kaaterskill Falls in the State Forest before going up to the festival grounds which was really cool.  The festival was a nice place to hang where I didn't feel any more grimey than the people around me.

I'm heading back to the trailhead this morning and Leo and I planned on meeting back up at a shelter tonight, just past the border of Mass. and Connecticut.  We plan on blowing through CT in a few days and reaching Rt. 55 in New York on Thursday night or early on Friday.  Our camp buddy (and former AT thru-hiker in '08) Doug Belliveau is going to pick us up there and help with our next resupply.  I'm hoping to pick up a new pair of boots this morning on the way to the trail, as mine have been torn up since New Hampshire.  Last night I was able to upload a bunch more photos from Hanover to here, so check em out at the link below:

Overall a great recharge this weekend and I'm psyched to start hiking again.  Looks like rain early this week but I'll take it considering the drought conditions we're hiking into.  I'd rather be wet and have water on trail then be hot, dry and thirsty. 


R.I.P. BIL Wartanson

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