Friday, July 6, 2012

Hanover, NH: Hangin with Mr. (and Mrs.) Cooper

We made it into Hanover today, hiking over 23 miles (our biggest day yet) and arriving before 5pm.  Last night we camped up in a fire tower on top of Smart Mt., giving us 360 views for the sunset and a gorgeous sunrise early this morning.  We are staying with Rob Coopers parents who were nice enough to put us up for the night.  They have a beautiful place here along the Connecticut River that even includes showers, laundry, and internet! We took a dip in the river too, followed by a delicious home cooked supper. We're planning on resupplying tomorrow morning in town and then hitting the trail again in the afternoon.  I was finally able to upload pictures from my camera spanning the whole trip so check em out at the link below:



  1. Awesome title for this post. Glad you guys got some much deserved r&r.