Friday, July 27, 2012

Rt. 55 in NY - At the Petersen's

We made it into New York yesterday, and went about 15 miles past the CT/NY to reach Rt. 55.  Just as a huge thunderstorm swept over us and it started pouring, Doug came to the rescue and last night we hung out at the Petersen's place.  It felt great to get a shower and sleep on a nice bed, as opposed to being hunkered down somewhere on the trail instead. Today Leo and I are going to resupply then hit the trail again this afternoon.  I only put up a few pictures from the last section, as my camera was mostly in my pack.  We caught a bad thunderstorm on Everett Peak coming out of Great Barrington on Monday, and again last night.  Looks like more weather in the near future, but hopefully that bodes well for upcoming water sources.

We saw a few Scarlet Tanagers, but I couldn't get a great shot...

Taken after a severe thunderstorm passed over Everett Peak

Started seeing a bunch of these guys

Near Falls Village, CT

Cliff Jumping near Falls Village

Garter Snake.  My camera was being weird.

Farm in CT

Drying out at Wiley Shelter.  Leo's gutter placement backfired severely since the gutters were actually filled with water.

Farm near Pawling, NY

Escape Route to New York City

A lot of the water we've been passing looks like this 

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  1. Good to hear you're getting some water. It has been really dry and will probably get worse as you keep going south.