Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lessons Learned and some extra photos

Current Location: Hanover NH (Dartmouth College)
Total Miles: 442.1
NH-VT border: .6 miles

Most recent lessons learned: 

  • NOBOs don't hang their food (a few even laughed at us)
  • DO NOT keep your clothes too close to a fire to dry ( I now have one pair of socks as oppose to 3)
  • Indigestion may lead to barfing, weight loss and is possibly caused by not treating water (now under 160lbs) 
  • New England has the most sporadic weather I've seen anywhere on Earth. Clear skies one minute may cause a hail storm the next.  
Check out some of the photos: 

Photo 1: Ferry Man- crossing the Kennebec

Photo 2: Snake skins found at 3820 ft elevation while cowboy tenting between Avery and West Peak on Bigelow Mtn

Photo 3: Sunrise on West Peak the following morning

Photos 4-5: Male spruce grouse (flirting with danger)

Photo 6: Action shot

Photo 7: Ruffed grouse (coonskin thinks its the female)

Photo 8: Someones home?

Photo 9: Lesson learned: anything can be used as a pillow

Photos 10-11: Les papillons

Photo 12: Wheres Coonskin?

Photo 13: Same shot as photo 12, just zoomed in.

Photo 14: Lesson learned: not all peaks have views sans a tower (Old Speck Mtn)

Photo 15: Yes. That is a snowman in June (Mahoosuc Notch)

Photo 16: No one... I mean no one... can stop Lt. Dangle on a mission (Adams)

Photo 17: Looks like coonskin is a little cold

Photos 18-20: Lakes of the Clouds (one of the most incredible places I've ever been)

Photos 21-22: Wassup Snake

Photo 23: AMC pack cover... 45$ Coonskin pack cover... (I don't even think they sell individual trash bags)

Photo 24: some kind of sparrow?

Be sure to check out Coonskins link below to even more incredible photos from our journey

-Jeepers Crow

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  1. love your pictures! keep em coming, Grammie Ward